So you have the dress, maybe even your jewelry… but what about your hair? Hair Stylists suggest having your “practice” hair trial a couple months to a few weeks prior to your wedding. This will allow you one on one time with your stylist to nail down exactly how you want to have your hair on your big day. Don’t stress yourself the day of  your wedding with a new hair style if you don’t have to.

Before you can get to this point, there are a lot of things to ponder. How will your hair be styled?

Will you have a headpiece, veil, floral crown, tiara, or headband?

With so many options, it’s no wonder brides get overwhelmed! Here are seven questions to ask yourself when thinking about your wedding hair:

1.   What does your dress look like?
You will want to pick something that will compliment your favorite dress features. Does it have appliqued bling that will go well with a comb?
2.   What type of hair do suits you and your dress?
Does your gown have a killer back that must be shown off? How about the neckline? Do you have a Hunger Games or Frozen obsession? Braids are huge right now and can really be done to look formal or casual. However the big loose curls are a classic look sure to go well with any headpiece.
 Wedding Hair Braid
Photo Credit: Pinterest, Hair & Makeup by Steph

3.   Where will you be getting married?
Many churches have strict dress codes and may require a veil. Be sure to check with your church’s office before making any hair decisions. If you must wear a veil and you aren't super sold on the idea, that doesn't mean you have to go the traditional route. Take a look at the picture below for a fresh, modern look of the floral crown that has the veil attached. Don't forget, just because you wear a veil to the ceremony, doesn't mean you have to for the reception. Take the veil out and add a bling or floral comb to change your look up!
Floral Crown with Veil
 Photo Credit: Pinterest

4.   Does your wedding have a theme?
Growing more and more popular, we see “Country Chic” and “Hipster” style weddings. A floral crown or “hippy” headband may be more appropriate for these typically outdoor weddings. Side note: Love the idea of an outdoor wedding but still must have your heels? Don’t sink in the grass!

5.   Will your father be walking you down the aisle?
Some women really want that “moment” with their father. You know, the one where he lifts the veil over her head, kisses her, and then hands her off to her future husband?! While this isn’t for everyone, there is something to be said about the photos of this beautiful tradition.
6.   Will you host a destination wedding on the beach?
Bling or a headband in your hair may be a better option here. While you do see some seriously beautiful photos of veils fluttering in the wind, there are more “fails” of veils overtaking the bride’s face or sticking straight up. These do make for quaky pictures, but that probably isn't the look you want during the actual ceremony. Still stuck on having a veil at your beach wedding? Check out our veil weights to help keep it under control! Click here to purchase them now!
 Veil in the Wind
Photo Credit: Stephen Lock/I-Images

7.  Most importantly, do what you love and be true to your style!
Never forget: this is your wedding! Don’t try and please anyone but yourself! Have fun and feel great!