I'm sitting here on my day off, feeling very unproductive, I.e. Lazy, so I thought I would write a short blog. Fathers' Day is coming soon and so my thoughts turn to memories of my father. My father was a giant of a man in my eyes. Fiercely protective, I was his little girl. In fact, he trained me to respond whenever anyone asked my name by saying, "I'm Big Roy Carder's little girl"!

I have two older brothers. My father would come home from work and wrestle with the three of us. I was a dirty fighter- bite, scratch, claw- anything to win against my bigger,stronger brothers. My memory tells me I was tenacious (whether that's true, only my brothers can say), and I was rewarded nightly by my father telling me I was going to grow up to be a professional lady wrestler!! I loved it and my mother never dissuaded me! After many years, I finally figured out that my father was teaching me self defense techniques (which definitely came in handy in college and later, but that's another story), and one even more important thing, a desire to compete and a love of winning!

My father worked very hard as a grain elevator manager and would come home at night tired and quiet. He didn't come to all my voice and piano recitals, but that was okay. I always understood, and never judged him on it.

He was slow to anger, but if he did, you better run fast. He was a great athlete. He was a sergeant in General Patton's 3rd Army and never really discussed the war and the atrocities he saw until he was terminal with lung cancer.

My father was a little enigmatic, yet I could read him perfectly. He wasn't very verbal in his expressions of love for us, yet I always knew. I always knew.

I look in the mirror and see my father. I hear his loud cackle when I laugh. I hear his sarcasm when I speak too often. I see my father when I look at my daughter. She has his eyebrows and the same loud laugh. He lives on through us. I will never forget you Dad.

Happy Father's Day!